Draft 0.5 of the HMC IT plan now available

Draft 0.5 of the HMC IT Plan “Planning for Change: Engaging with the HMC mission” is now available on line at http://www5.hmc.edu/draft05/.  You can comment on any section of it or you can download a pdf format.  It is an early draft, designed to get people thinking about

Information Technology at HMC, and we’d love to read your comments.

CIS Projects during the break

CIS will be working on lots of projects during the “break”, which we define as December 24 through January 19 (the day before classes start).

Here’s the post-it list:

  • Zimbra Email service — upgrade to latest version, move to new physical servers running newer versions (64 bit) of Linux
  • LDAP server. We have a new version running and need to move it into production. In the new year, we will review policies about data that the LDAP server provides to HMC directories
  • Further reductions in our reliance on the VMS operating system, including moving DNS and DHCP servers to Linux
  • Upgrade to CINE core switches and firewall systems
  • Prepare for transferring new wireless network from test/development status to production status
  • Roll out a new version of the Odin server
  • Prepare for upgrade of main web server (www.hmc.edu)
  • Increase disk space available to the Sakai service