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Workday Student

As I mentioned before,  the Claremont Colleges have decided to participate in Workday’s Strategic Influencer program for the Workday Student product.   This initiative is now taking more shape.  The following people have been appointed to the Workday Strategic Influencer Project Team: Margeret Adorno (Registrar, Pomona) Mark Ashley (Registrar, HMC) Andrew Dorantes (Treasurer, HMC) Robert […]

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Claremont Colleges will use Workday Financial Management

I hope you all saw the announcement about Workday Financial Management.  This is big news for lots of reasons. Last year, the intercollegiate Budget and Financial Affairs Committee (BFAC) began looking for a replacement for the aging Datatel financial system that is run by the Claremont University Consortium (CUC).  The BFAC narrowed its requirements down […]

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Summer 2014 update from the CIO

When I was a kid growing up in Ireland, I loved reading the Beano and the Dandy.  Every summer, they would announce a “bumper edition”, which was packed with extra stuff for those long summer days out of school.  This is the bumper edition of updates from the CIO! Infrastructure The summer was a very […]

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CINE wireless signal is going away

When you are on the HMC campus and look at the wireless signals (SSID) available, you will normally see at least the following: CINE Claremont Claremont-WPA Claremont-ETC As I mentioned in the September 2012 Update from the CIO, the Claremont Colleges have agreed to remove the CINE wireless signal from service. There are a number […]

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Time to change your password!

As we move into Fall semester, some of the authentication systems managed by CIS will be configured to require password resets every 365 days. This is a step in improving the overall security of HMC systems and bringing us into compliance with our password policy. To reset your passwords please visit the HMC password and […]

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Room reservation software upgrade to EMS Campus

Guest author, Isabel Jordan, wrote for us about a recent upgrade to the Event Management System…. HMC’s reservation software, Event Management System (EMS), has been upgraded to the Campus 3.0 version. Virtual EMS was only changed in appearance but not use. There has been some feedback from Mac users who say they are having difficulty viewing […]

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IAM @ HMC journey begins

In my last update from the CIO  I gave a quick overview of Identity and Access Management (IAM).  We have now contracted with Fischer International for Identity and Access Management services.  Throughout 2012, this decision will have an increasing impact on all of our daily computing lives.  You will hear and read more and more references […]

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Presentation to PPCPC on Campus Network Infrastructure

At the September Board of Trustee meetings, Cindy Abercrombie, Mitch Shacklett and I presented some information about our work in the area of network infrastructure review.  We are working toward a long term plan for the network infrastructure and wanted the Physical Plant and Campus Planning Committee (PPCPC) to be aware of the issues we […]

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CIS presents at faculty meeting

On April 21, 2011 the CIS management team presented a report on the state of Information Technology to the faculty. Joseph began the presentation with a review of our four strategic directions and our customer service initiative. The four strategic directions are IT Decision Making (Governance), IT Infrastructure, Central IT (CIS), and Innovation. Before presenting […]

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Notes on Cloud Computing

Despite the hype, I  find cloud computing challenging to think about and full of interesting opportunities.  I am beginning to suspect that claims that it is a game-changer are not so far fetched. So far, our notes on cloud computing have focused on cloud offerings as alternatives for things we can do ourselves. So, for […]

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