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Data Privacy Month (with a painful story about the students-l list)

Today is Data Privacy Day. See To celebrate, here is a true story culled from the vaults of HMC server administrator lore. Read it, weep… and then change your passwords. Once upon a time there was a moderator of the students-l list. She was diligent and hard-working, devoted to the task of saving other […]

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November 2013 update from the CIO

The first time I encountered Thanksgiving was in 1985 at Hershey Hall, then the graduate dorm at UCLA. Neither I, from Ireland, nor my roommate from Korea, were quite sure what to make of it.  But some things stood out. It wasn’t really commercial, there were no cards or gifts. The food was delicious.  And we […]

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October 2013 Update From the CIO

What a Fall Semester we are having so far! Shanahan Center We love the new Shanahan Center.  As everyone knows, we’ve seen a few issues with the AV systems.  We are developing a list of these issues and their status, which we will share with everyone.   And I thank the people who have given us […]

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Update on Portal Advisory Group

I’ve written about the Portal Advisory Group before.  Affectionately known as PAG, it’s a group that will assist us with setting priorities for the Portal, starting from the premise that the portal is a tool which we know HMC has not used to its full capacity. The group will guide CIS and the College in […]

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