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Update from the CIO February 2016

This is the first update from the CIO for 2016. New faces and new groups at CIS The key ingredient to CIS is the people.  We made a number of changes during summer 2016, and I wrote an article about this last Ocober: New faces and new groups at CIS. Our regrets about two  retirements were […]

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Goodbye Majordomo

It is going to be a long farewell, but by now you should all be aware that we are transitioning from Majordomo to Google Groups for the HMC  Mailing Lists.  This is a transition from a very old technology to a more modern (and more complex) one, and there will inevitably be growing pains.   Some […]

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Moving Cores

Over the last few years, we have been improving the network infrastructure on the HMC campus, at the CINE core (the network switches for all the Claremont Colleges) and beyond at our ISP, Los Nettos (a consortium of Southern California institutions based at USC). The key concepts in network infrastructure are redundancy and diversity.  To […]

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Amazon Educate

Amazon recently announced a new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate program.  It is designed to let you learn to use AWS services by giving you free credits to get started as well as access to a large variety of courses and tutorials about cloud computing “shared by top educators from around the world and by […]

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A number of major Consortium wide initiatives are under way, all designed to lead to what I like to call “appropriate centralization”.   You may recall that the Presidents Council commissioned an IT report from BerryDunn in 2013.  The resulting conversations led to the establishment of six initiatives owned by Stig Lanesskog, CEO of the […]

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New faces and new groups at CIS

Starting early in the summer,we began to make changes at CIS and, by end of summer, we had a new organizational chart and several new faces, as well as saying goodbye to some people: Susan Selhorst retired. Beverly Kelley retired. We hired a new Instructional Designer, Elly Schofield ’13 We hired Brian Reid into a […]

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Course, Major, Dorm and Class mailing lists

In 2013 the Computing Committee surveyed the faculty to identify priorities for CIS.  The second highest priority (after “Improve the Portal”) was “improve the course mailing lists system”.   Since then, we have been steadily moving lists away from the old software (called Majordomo) to Google Groups within our Google Apps for Education domain  I […]

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Digital Humanities Applications

From our friends in Digital Humanities A reminder that faculty applications for the 5C Digital Humanities @ The Claremont Colleges (DH@CC) 2015 Summer Institute and Digital Course Development grants are due on March 6th. You can find applications at, and learn more about these Mellon Foundation-supported programs at If you have any questions about DH@CC, please contact Project Manager AJ Strout at

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February 2015 Update from the CIO

We had such a busy Fall semester that I was unable to send out updates.  In this one, I will cover developments since my last update in late August. I hope you have some time to read it. People Starting with the most important aspect of all organizations, I have the pleasure of introducing three people.  Taylor […]

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Shanahan Center brings dramatic increase in service requests

As the table below makes clear, we are seeing a huge increase in the number of requests for CIS services in the Shanahan Center. We are happy to have this “problem”, but we are having to work hard to make sure that we are delivering services as efficiently as possible. To that end, we have […]

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