Welcome Aashita Kesarwani

CIS welcomes Dr. Aashita Kesarwani in the Scientific Computing Specialist position

Academic and Research Computing Services is delighted to welcome our new Scientific Computing Specialist, Dr. Aashita Kesarwani. Aashita recently graduated with a PhD in Mathematics from Tulane University and is an Indian Institute of Technology alumna. She is actively involved in the data science community being a Kaggle expert and is the author and maintainer of two Python packages – bubbly for data visualization and nytcomments for web scraping.

Aashita is looking forward to boosting HMC students’ involvement in data science, machine learning, and open source contributions by supporting their learning through hands-on workshops and providing guidance and mentorship. She will address the scientific software and computing needs of the faculty, students and staff and also offer her skills in data visualization and gaining insights from data to assist problem-solving and decision making in all areas at HMC.

In her free time, Aashita enjoys reading and likes to meditate.

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